Monday, May 22, 2006

Almost Gone

This is one of my more depressing pieces of's titled "Almost Gone" and is a depiction of Jolee being almost gone from my life. The text is an excerpt from a book of blessings and is about guardian angels and turning to them whenever you need them...knowing that there are angels looking out for you wherever you are. This is how I wish for Jolee to feel...that when I'm not with her, that she has her angels to turn to.


  1. Leslie,
    You are definitely her angel and her witness to all things difficult in her life. She will have a chance at a happy and healthy life and a strong sense of self because of you--I truly believe that my friend.


  2. I will check this blog space often because it is 'you' and I love it when you are able to share that. Loved the chicken!!

    :-) Laura