Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Felted Soaps

What in the world would you do with a felted soap, right? I can hear it now! The premise behind the felted soap is that you use it as you would an exfoliant bar. The wool acts as a natural exfoliant and the soap, well, it does what soap is supposed to do!

This soap, however, is handmade from a friend of mine, Julie Henze. She has a business called Soap Springs Eternal. Look for her at craft fairs and small shops throughout Maine. Her product is amazing!

The technique for felting soap is rather therapeutic! You simply wrap wool roving around a bar of soap, add a few drops of dish liquid and then pass it back and forth between your hands, adding warm/hot water as you go along, thereby shrinking the wool around the soap. As you use the soap, the wool will continue to shrink around the soap, leaving you with a lovely little ball of wool when the soap is gone.

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