Monday, March 10, 2008


I'm sitting here, watching TV, looking at blogs...

the Governor of NY was caught hiring a prostitute.

Is he completely STUPID??? I just don't get it. You're a public figure for goodness sakes!!! WHY? And why would he need a prostitute? Wow. I live in a bubble!

But, my bubble was quite fun this past weekend.

I took off on my semi-annual Kieve scrapbooking weekend. There were 16 of us this time and we all had a blast, as usual. We laughed and laughed and then laughed some more! We went in the hot tub...and they all accepted and expected my nudity. Ah...nothing like good friends!

I had to get ready for my upcoming vacation to St. Martin!

Donny and I leave a week from today! We are heading back to our favorite naturalist resort, Club Orient, which is on the French side of St. Martin. I'm very excited and also very nervous about going.

I know that the girls will be fine while we're gone, but I get an ache in my stomach thinking about being away from them. I'm sure 3/4 of it is the fear of dying...of leaving the girls behind to ...who knows what. I also love seeing them everyday. I love looking at them, hugging them, hearing about their day (well, Meka tells me!) and then watching them as they go to sleep. As much as they drive me batty on a daily basis...I will miss them terribly!

Speaking of the kids...
We've decided to bring Jolee to a geneticist as well as to Children's Hospital in Boston. Her diarrhea has not gotten any better and it's just awful. Today she had three bowel movements and was screaming because her bottom was so raw. The poor little thing. I just cannot accept that this is how it will be for her indefinitely. Hopefully we can get some answers as we trudge forward.

Okay, enough news for the night! I'll try to upload some scrapbook photos tomorrow. I'm off to read more blogs and get some inspiration!

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