Sunday, August 29, 2010

Love and Fear...up close and personal?

Custom artwork...words in hearts say "peace, hope, love"
A few weeks ago, Hannah and I were selling our art at the Cumberland Craft Fair here in Maine. We always meet interesting, thought provoking people and view it as part of our "profit."

Two women came to our booth and were so excited about our work. They radiated positivity and love. It was so uplifting! They were sisters, here on vacation. One of the sisters really liked  a piece I had painted but wanted different the other sister asked if I could paint one for her...of her sister, with the specific words "peace," "hope," and "love."

Initially I was afraid...afraid of failure...they wouldn't like it. It wouldn't be that good. The same negative messages kept reeling through my head...but then...
love prevailed
fear got dropped to the side
I painted the piece

I drove it down to them at their motel in Old Orchard Beach during an intense summer rainstorm late last week, just in time before they left for their homes. They were thrilled with the piece and also very thankful that I had driven it down in the rain.

I was not only thankful for the work, but thankful to have met these wonderful, caring souls.
love prevailed
fear got dropped to the side
I drove home with a smile on my face

Last week my family and I were stopping to enjoy the last bit of summer at Cote's, a local ice cream shop in Brunswick. We had brought along our dog, Gracy, who is an almost 13 year-old black lab. My 10 year-old daughter was holding Gracy on her leash. Gracy spotted something exciting up the street and turned to start barking. Immediately my daughter was accosted by an older woman who yelled, "Get that dog away from me! That dog almost made me fall!" I was so taken aback, as was my daughter and the rest of my family.

I took a breath...
love prevailed
fear got dropped to the side
I spoke to the woman:

"I'm very sorry ma'am. My daughter..."
"I don't CARE about your daughter. I CANNOT fall! I will break my hip! You get that DOG away from me!"
"Ma'am, I'm very sorry. Yes, you are afraid. The last thing we want is for you to fall. I will see to it that my dog does not come near you."

I could have yelled back.
love prevailed
fear got dropped to the side

Why didn't I yell? Because the woman was reacting from fear. To yell would have been reacting to my OWN fear...and that would have solved nothing. I was able to set an example for my husband and children, to the woman and her friends, to the workers at Cote's...that you do NOT have to yell back. You can approach every situation with love...if you choose.

Have you had a situation where you were faced with fear and chose love instead? It may sound hokey...may sound "touchy feely"...and it is to a certain degree. But I encourage you to try it. Let me know how it goes...

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  1. I love this Leslie, thanks for sharing. I am going to attempt this once this week, and then once next week, then maybe every day until it becomes a habit. Maybe I am already doing it, maybe not. But now I'm aware. Thanks.