Friday, May 26, 2006

A Frivolous Friday

Almost a Princess
My entry today...This is a piece I did last month. I was feeling like that little princess that never quite was when I put this together. It's very faint, but the title of the piece is Almost A Princess. At my First Communion I was maybe almost a princess, but it all went downhill from there. It's a jab at the reality that I am not even close. But what a smug smile, eh?

And frivolous it was! I dropped Meka off at school and then went to sit by some wetlands in Freeport to write in my journal. I brought my watercolor pencils and had fun with my journal. A very kind man was mowing his lawn across the way and asked if I wanted him to stop mowing, if it was disturbing me... can you believe it? He then told me that he'd offer me good money for what I ended up with...I assured him that that would not be necessary...that he probably wouldn't want to pay money for what I was doing!

This afternoon was mine all mother took Meka overnight and I indulged in a lazy afternoon of reading and soaking in my tub. And now, as I write this novelette I am listening to Josh Groban

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