Sunday, May 28, 2006

Sunday musings...

Lemon Tree Very Pretty
I'm posting another ATC that I've done...It's called Lemon Tree Very's actually one of 5 I need to make for Jgesso's ATC swap next month. (Jgesso is the name my monthly art group has chosen...since we never quite the G in gesso hard or soft? Jgesso was born!)

I'm trying so hard to get to work...I started a piece the other day and need to finish it...I'll post it as soon as it's done! I'm having a hard time getting motivated. I'm getting bogged down by "shoulds" know, should clean, should work around the house, should do laundry, should work outside, should make jewelry for Deb(the password to enter the wholesale site is "color")...but I WANT to do some art...

Okay, so I got "tagged" this morning! How exciting! Of course, I have NO idea what the "rules" I just did what I thought I was supposed to do...and here are my answers:

5 items in my fridge:
leftover indian food
roasted garlic chicken sausage
heluvagood clam dip
Gritty's Best Brown

5 items in my closet
balance ball
change jar
firesafe box
spare TV

5 items in my purse
cell phone
Burt's Bees lip balm
spearmint Breath Savers
receipt from Artist and Craftsman

5 items in my car
Phish Hoist CD
my PURPLE glasses
PURPLE ice scraper (you never know...we DO live in Maine!)
2 blankets
various morsels of random food items

5 people I'm tagging

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  1. come you didn't tag me? I would love to have told you what's in my car. But then you probably know that already. JUNQUE!!!!