Friday, June 16, 2006

Edna is a Winner!

It seems as though everyone loves Edna! She was the "most wanted" at the swap the other night as well. I do need to say that I came upon her image quite surreptitiously. I was paging through a "learn Spanish" book and found her amongst a lot of melons and pineapples displayed in lovely was quite amusing. The background is upside-down Spanish text lifted from that same book.

We're off to Storyland this weekend! This may be the FIRST time in 5 years that we escape rain on our camping adventure! We are picking up Jolee this afternoon...a treat for all of us that she will be able to enjoy the fun weekend. Of course, a few years ago I remarked, "why would anyone bring a 2-year old camping?" I'm sure I'll be asking myself that some this weekend!

I'll be back with more art on Monday! And maybe that webcam will be hooked up, Grammy!

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