Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Summer is Here...

...and off in the garden am I! I find that I don't have much energy for art right's in my heart, but doesn't come through my fingers...there is too much dirt under my nails for the creativity to seep through!

Real Tree
I did manage to create this fun ATC during my art date last week. I was very impatient and her "hairdo" got a little messed up, but she's pretty spectacular all the same. I am in the process of "growing" into myself...trying to be real as much as possible. I have found that I have many facades...I am whoever I think I'm expected to be. I'm hoping that one night I, too, will dream that I am real...and that I will be able to remember that dream and bring it into my reality.

I will have a set of "fruit" ATC's to share coming up soon...they are do to JGesso tomorrow night! Yikes! Actually, "Lemon Tree" was one that will be included in that group.

I have posted the scrapbook that I made for my sister's graduation gift on my flicker site. Let me know what you think! It's pretty simple...I did it in 2 days...yes, I am the worlds best procrastinator!

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