Friday, June 09, 2006

A Day for Me!

Letting Go
This ATC, Letting Go, has so much meaning for me...letting go of so many things in my life, my heart, but holding on to the important, precious things. I have to trust that letting go is okay...that I don't need to hold onto those things that I have no control over, they end up taking over and controlling me!

I had so much fun at my "Art Date" with Hannah yesterday! We explored faces...some of which you will undoubtedly see in the near future! We have a standing date every Thursday afternoon and it is such a wonderful time to just expectation, just art.

Meka's last day of school was Wednesday. It's hard to believe she is done with kindergarden and off to first grade! Here is a photo of her at her school at the last day celebration.

My bookclub gathered here last night for movie night. We watched Crash, the movie that won best picture for 2005. If you haven't seen it, it's a must. It's definately not a light, cheery movie, but such an important film for our time. I strongly encourage you to see it.

Tonight Donny and I will attend my sister's Class Night. She will be graduating on Sunday. It's so hard to believe that my little sister, that little girl I took care of when she was so growing up and moving out on her own. I worry so much for her. I pray that she find peace and gentle guidance.

But today is all about ME! My mother has Meka for the day so I get to play in my studio! So off this computer go I!

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  1. A day for you! I hope you squeezed every last drop out if it.
    Hope to meet Meka in person some day soon. Love the latest ATC. Love Laura's house even more.