Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Truthful Tuesday...

Laura's House
This piece was created with Laura in mind...the background was text from a book written in German. The house...well, a house of music...seemed fitting and the "heart tree" is representative of what grows wherever she and music are...she loves it, that love oozes from her pores and envelops every child who has the blessing of being her student.

Okay, on to my title of the day...truthful Tuesday...

I received a comment from a good friend the other day who was concerned about the sadness expressed in my blog. She was hoping that I wasn't as sad as I sound because I have so much to be happy about. I was totally taken I this sad? Do I have the right to be? Should I be putting that here?

So I did think about it...ponder, if you will. What I came up with is this...yes, I am that sad. Not all of the time. Definately not. Most of you reading this know the happy see her all of the time. That's not what this blog is about. I wanted to invite you, my closest friends, to see a part of me that I don't show to too many people. I hardly show it to myself. It's a dark side, but a big part of me. What I have discovered is that my art is where my heart opens up and empties. I have "chosen" the people in my life that I feel can take it and see it for what it is...simply a larger picture of me, the same, happy, smiley and silly Leslie that you all know and love.


  1. Oh my. Such nice things you said about me. But yes, I do love my music. And I do love YOU and want you to keep on posting whatever comes into your heart and mind because it is a side many of us aren't privy to. We have a very special relationship - Lesie and her birthmom - and every word I gobble up and every picture I devour helps me to know you better..and make up for too many lost years together.

  2. Right above where I'm writing it says "you can use some html tags". I am SICK of html tags! I was up until 1 AM this morning finishing my web page - a happy jumble of nothing but frickin' HTML TAGS!!! So here's to your html tags blogspot!

  3. Well... I know I wasn't personally invited, but I am so delighted to have found your blog and wonderful artwork. You probably know that I'm a friend of Kate and Hannah. In fact, I think you'll be swapping some of my atc's tonight. So, we're a bit connected. I only wish I'd been in Maine just a bit longer so we could have met. You're a wonderful artist, Leslie!