Monday, June 05, 2006

Finally! Another Posting!!!

Joy is the title I chose for this piece that I did back in April...Meka on the waves with her trusty friend, Gracy, at the helm. The two of them bring me so much joy and seeing them enjoying each other brings happiness to my heart.

The "water" was an experiment using paint, tissue paper and more paint and more paint...I love the effect! The letters are self-hardening clay that I stamped letters into and then painted them black, then used gold rub on them. Fun, fun, fun!

I'm putting a link to a song that I have a liking to...okay, I's Eminem...the lyrics are TERRIBLE!!! The song title is "Shake It." I couldn't figure out how to just link to that song...sorry! You can register for a free account at napster and listen to a song for free 5 times! I WILL NOT let my daughter listen to it...but the song has a great beat and I love the voice of the other singer. Listen if you dare!!! Just don't think less of me!!!

Curtain Call [Explicit Version]

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