Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Last Day in May...

Prince George
This was one of the first ATC (artist's trading cards) that I made. After an evening of inspiration with JGesso at Susan Tuttle's ( I came home and made this from a copy of an old photo of Donny's grandfather, George, and his car. I hand painted the photo and altered it a bit so that it would fit on the card.

Random thoughts...
It's the last day of May...hard to believe. I thought so much of my life would be dramatically different...that Elvia would be home, that I would have more direction of what the heck I'm doing with the rest of my life...but, alas, neither has come to fruition! I am struggling daily to accept that I have no idea when my daughter is coming home from Guatemala, that she is getting older each day...and that I'm not mothering her...and when I say struggling, I do mean struggling. I find myself sinking farther and farther away from being excited...almost as if my heart will break less if I don't let it feel the pain. When I first came home I had built that excitement up again, I had just spent time with her, we were in the last step, I thought we'd be bringing her home quickly...and now that has all been shattered.

I do strongly believe that this, too, serves purpose in my life. That this journey with Elvia is a lesson. When I can take a deep breathe and know that, this too shall pass, then I'm okay.

And with that bit of my sad tale, I bid you adieu!

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  1. Anonymous8:29 PM

    I enjoyed visiting your blog. You truly have a gift for creating beautiful art- loved yout cards!- and writing eloquently.

    I hope you are not as sad as you sound because you have so much to be happy about.