Thursday, July 27, 2006

Broken Promise

I found this post card amongst some photos that my mother had given to me years ago. I really should have saved the text...I tried to save some of it, but I got carried away with "arting it up!" My father sent my mother a series of postcards when they were "courting" back in the late 50's and this is one that he sent her from Nevada. There were so many romantic things written..." I miss you...I'll love you forever...." You know, new love stuff! Anyway, it just brought up a lot of feelings in my father's undying love DID die and left my mother with a huge heap of his Broken Promises. All of her hopes and dreams...having a house, a cat, a dog, a family...the things you take for granted when you fall in love...all of that was shattered when he betrayed her.

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