Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I've been busy!

I know, haven't had a post in a LONG time! Well, I've been busy making and selling my wares. I finally decided to participate in a craft fair/art sale at the beginning of the month and went a little crazy trying to get ready for it.

This is a basket filled with felted soaps that I peddled at the show. I purchased the handmade soap from Julie Henze, a friend from Meka's school. I had a blast making it. Meka actually made some bars as well...shhh! grandmothers are getting some for Christmas!

I'll be posting some of my other art soon...between diaper changes and naps...yes, MY naps!

And no blog update would be complete these days without a goofy photo of my daughter, Jolee. She is a NUT! And the main reason that I do not update my blog very often! She's lucky she's cute, that's all I can say!

Till next time!

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