Sunday, January 14, 2007

January post...

Love Lady
I'm trying SO hard to be productive...both in my art and updating my blog! Those damned diapers are holding me down though!

Well, here is a post that I'm excited about. I don't know if my Love Lady's true beauty will come through via electronica, but here she is! The smaller images are detailed photos of her "parts." I started with small, wooden frames that I primed and painted purple then turquoise. I was going to just make them frames again...but inspiration got the best of me! I decided to have the frames depict the "containers" that we have...our heads...our hearts...and how we tend to live so separately between the two. Love Lady has these very strong, very "conductive" copper coils connecting her head and heart.

I gave her fun, copper coiled hair with beaded jewels throughout. Her arms and legs are copper coils leading to pieces of sea glass acting as hands and feet. Her hands are adorned with jewels as are her feet. Her knees were constructed from a broken bead...thank goodness I didn't throw that away two months ago!

I had a blast making her...I giggled endlessly for days until she was done! I hope you enjoy her 1/2 as much as I do!


  1. I really like Love Lady. I can tell you had fun putting her together. I especially like the way you used copper, both to tie her body parts together and to forge that powerful connection between her head and her heart. Nice. Got any extra copper wire laying around? Send it to California!
    Glad to see your creativity is keeping you sane and that you are having fun with this stuff. Keep up the good work - on ALL fronts!
    :-) LJ

  2. Hi Leslie,
    I love this doll! Thanks for posting your artistic process--I very much enjoyed reading it.

    Hope you are well--miss you! Jgesso girls must convene soon.