Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Nature Goddess

I do hope you can see the details in this piece. I was inspired by a "call for entries" in Somerset Studio magazine (I never did make the entry deadline!). The request was for art inspired by nature. The elements in this piece are (nearly) entirely from nature.

I began collecting on an unusually warm winter afternoon. There was no snow on the ground which made collecting all that much easier! I found a piece of birch bark, some dried fern seed fronds, a nice bunch of pine needles, the leaf from a beech tree and some dried sweet fern from the field. I also grabbed a stick...knowing that good sticks are always needed!

I returned home and immediately set to work! I had found some lovely, little sand dollars at Popham Beach this summer and thought that they would be perfect breasts for my nature goddess. A flat rock formed the perfectly shaped head; some sea glass as an accent behind her.

The only non-natural elements in the piece are a marble, some yarn and the glue used to hold it together!

I do hope you enjoy her half as much as I do!

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