Tuesday, March 13, 2007

No art, just me

I have been looking at other's blogs lately and realizing that people write a lot about themselves...about what they do on a daily basis...I'm not sure who reads it. I can't imagine too many of you who would be interested to know what I do from dawn 'til dusk! I'm hardly interested in that!

I could take digital images of all of the diapers I change. Now that would win awards, I'm sure!

I will share my current focus...Sensory Integration disorders. I have taken Jolee to be evaluated by the Maine Children's Development Services (CDS) and she has been "diagnosed" with having Sensory Integration (SI) issues. So, that means that we are now working with an occupational therapist once a week and implementing lots of SI stuff here at home. It's all encompassing and fairly overwhelming...knowing that I'm responsible for her success in this area of her life. I also realize that Meka had/has some SI issues that we never really addressed. It makes me feel sad and guilty as well. I'm reading, implementing and trying not to pull my hair out all at the same time!

I'm also in the process of trying to find childcare one or two days per week. It has been so hard for me to make this step.'s a nasty word! Guilt is even nastier! I feel so guilty paying for time to myself when I don't "work" outside the home to help pay for it! We'll see how it goes.

And...I have to admit, since I'm spilling it all, that I'm addicted to American Idol. My dear friend, Gina, gave me the drug and I'm so sucked in! If we could just figure out how to get as many voters in our presidential elections!

Back to me..

I'm off to one of my favorite places on earth this weekend...Kieve...I'll be scrapbooking my little heart out with some dear women friends all kids, no cooking, no cleaning, no responsibility at all!

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