Monday, April 30, 2007

Art in My Head...

Sad, but true. There is no art to showcase today...only partially done projects or the thousands of projects that are in my head.

I have, however, been working very diligently on an "art" project. I am transforming a basement room into my girls' new playspace. As I was painting the stairs leading to the basement the other day, I realized that I should have taken "before" photos. It looks a lot better now! I will try to take some "now" photos and then post the "then" photos when it's all put together. I'm having fun with it and trying to "design on a dime" like those pros on HGTV!

Another new addiction that I'm working on is dancing! I have an acquaintance that loves to dance almost as much as I do! She and I met out at 9:30PM a few weeks ago and danced our booties off to a great band, SlyChi.

as my mother would say, "it was good, clean fun!"

Other than that, I'm busy being the best mother I can be to my three girls and my teenager, Lindsey. It's the hardest job I will ever have and the one with no room for error. Damn, that's a lot of pressure! I'm also having fun planning a baby shower for my new niece, Nina, who just arrived from China a month ago. Here's a photo of her!
All for now. Be well!

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