Sunday, August 26, 2007


I just looked at my last blog entry and realized that I just posted photos of my work and didn't explain it at all!
These images came about from an assignment to create a symbol of the sun. After we had created our symbol, we had to depict the sun in winter, spring, summer and fall. This is what I came up with.

This assignment was a bit tricky for me. We had to create a collage knowing that we would be then painting the collage, recreating textures in paint. Silly me thought that I could just create an image with light purple fading to dark purple and a gray shape in the middle..."no, no, no," my teacher said...I do believe she giggled a little when she said it..."I can't wait to see how you recreate those textures!" Oh dear...I figured I was going to fail miserably. I was so excited at how it turned out. It's much better "in person," but you get the idea.

We spent last week in Bar Harbor and had an amazing time! Life in a pop-up isn't so bad! I realized that my phone (both cell and land-line) and computer take up too much of my energy. I'm going to try to live without them more often. So, if you happen to call me and KNOW that I'm home but I don't answer, you can bet I'm trying really hard to put my new ideas into practice!

Meka had a "back to school" picnic today. We had a chance to visit and chat with some of her classmates. It was good to see everyone. Two of the mom's in the class are pregnant...I just can't imagine. I do remember those days when I longed to be pregnant, and now it just seems so frightening! 4 kids???

Everytime I'm with Meka's schoolmates and their parents I am reminded of why I send her to the Waldorf school. It's an amazing place for children and adults.

The rest of my day was spent at Jolee's new pre-school. I'm totally freaking out about sending her. It bothers me that I'm not sending her to the Waldorf program...but it's too far to travel for such a short period of time. I also realize that she needs the structure and the "street smarts" that she'll learn at The Children's Garden. She had a great time there today and seemed to really enjoy being with kids her age. Her "teacher" was so kind and made a world of difference to me. I have childcare PTSD from years ago when I made a really bad choice for my daughter, Meka. I have promised myself to follow my gut when it comes to childcare! So far, so good!

Okay, it's late and I have to get some zzzzzzzsssss!

I'll do my best to publish more photos tomorrow! I have my "book" that I made as my final project to "show off!"

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  1. I love what you've done in your art class this summer. WOW!
    Five people in a pop-up for a week? Sorry, not MY cup of tea!
    Thank goodness you had bikes and hikes, pools and campfires to keep you mellow!
    PLEASE - if the caller ID on your phone says "California calling" - ANSWER IT!!!
    (sorry if this slightly duplicates the previous message. I'll figure this out some day!)