Sunday, October 28, 2007

WARNING: Image Not Intended for Queasy Tummies

What a fun weekend! Those of you who were there will certainly agree...right? There's a part of me that always comes home thinking, "why do they put up with me? Do they really like me or are they just in love with Kieve?" These thoughts, thankfully, do NOT plague me at night because, frankly, I don't have time to dwell! I enjoy each and every one of the women that I scrapbook with and just trust that it is reciprocated!

The big "buzz themes" of the weekend:
Pin Worm...did Tracy and Sharan contract pin worm because I was naked on their beds last March? Those of you who weren't's a LONG story and one which I dare not divulge the details of in this blog!
The Mole...too many side-splitting comments to even begin to share!!!

I had such a fun weekend. Thank you all for everything you give to the group and to me. I do appreciate all of you.

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