Sunday, December 02, 2007

Snow Anyone?

Will it or won't it? It drives me crazy, all the sensationalism around winter storms in the Northeast. We live IN THE NORTHEAST, we're SUPPOSED to get snow! It's no surprise, or shouldn't be to anyone!

Enough of that.

We had "the grapes" for dinner last night. It was such a wonderful evening. No kids made it even MORE enjoyable! I was able to put candles in the windows and not worry about them being blown out or, even worse, spilled and made into house fires. It was a pot luck, so we didn't really have to do much work at all. It was so nice to spend relaxing time with such good, old friends.

Earlier in the day we had gone to brunch at some newer friends' house. They had invited us along with two other couples. It was an unsuspecting group for Donny and I to be a part of...they were ALL professors and ALL musicians....neither of which Donny and I ARE! We did have a wonderful time and the girls had a blast. Nell, our hosts' daughter, has a super-fun playroom and our girls loved it! There were also two dogs there so, between the dogs and the toys, Meka, Jolee and Elvia were in heaven!

Friday I participated in the 2nd annual Many Hands Craft Show in Cumberland at Katie Campbell's house. It was a lovely event but I'm afraid that I didn't sell very much stuff. It's just amazing to me to see how flippin' talented my friends are!!!

And now I sit in front of our super warm woodstove and watch Elvia and Jolee play kitchen and massage Donny's back. Lovely.

Off to i-tunes to download 80's music for my friend, Patrick's, 40th birthday party next weekend!

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