Thursday, January 24, 2008

creative FUNK.

Okay, so I guess I am experiencing the equivalent of writer's block. I'm gonna call it my Creative Funk.

I tried so hard to be creative over the last few days. To create. To make something, ANYTHING that made me smile. Nope. Nadda. Big fat ZERO!

I made a collage for my friend, Bean. Hated it.
I made that little card for my sister, Courtney. Hated it.
Made 2 Valentine ATCs yesterday. Didn't hate them, but didn't love them either.

Where did it go? Will it come back? How do I find it again???

Is it because I have changed my focus a teeny tiny bit and it's not all about ME now? Is it because I'm struggling with discipline and poop and mealplanning?

Current issues:
Gracy the dog has some intestinal junk. She was up, oh, at least 1000 times last night! Okay, I exaggerate (that's a funny word when you look at it...) I slept through most of it, but did NOT sleep through my frustrated, sleepless husband's tirades each time he got back into bed. At 4am he said, "You deal with her." So out at 4, out at 6:30 then out again at 6:45.

This is why I am up and updating my blog at 7am!

The most current is what I am doing right is quite idyllic:
Sitting on the living room floor in front of a crackling fire, the heat pouring onto my body. Gracy is laying beside me, her body pushing up beside my leg (I just gave her a little luv scratch). And I am enjoying the day's first cup of coffee. The kids are still sleeping and the house is very quiet. Something that, if you've been to my house you know, is very rare.

It's a little slice of heaven right here, right now.

the rest of the day...
Jolee and Meka go to school today. I meet with Jolee's teacher about some new "strategies" to help her stay OUT of trouble at home. Meka has horseback riding and I have choir tonight.

Will I find art time in there somewhere?
If I do, I will TRY to not beat myself up about it...I'm sure that's what you're thinking..."it's okay, Leslie, don't be so hard on yourself...."

have a lovely Thursday everyone!

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