Friday, January 11, 2008

Headline today:

Baby Hospitalized
Police say a 6-month-old baby is in a Portland hospital, injured from an apparent beating.

This makes me sick. I understand the frustration that comes with being a parent. I feel it everyday. I understand the breaking point when you want to shake your child or throw them or scream at them...but that's the point when you call for help or you walk away. Most of us GET that. What happens in these people's minds? Do they not have anyone to call for help? Do they not realize that hurting a child is the worst possible thing you can do? I just don't get it.

I pray that this baby is okay and that a loving, nurturing home is found for him/her. I also pray that the state doesn't SCREW things up for this innocent child...

on a happier note...

Jolee and Elvia just finished finger painting! We combined finger paint and shaving cream for a fun bluey-yellowy-greeny fun time!

I had been looking at old video of when Meka was little and remembered how artsy I was with her. It was easier with one, but I owe it, not only Jolee and Elvia, to myself too!

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