Wednesday, January 09, 2008

So much to say...

I think about my blog a lot. What do I write? Oftentimes I write NOTHING. What is blogging for? Who is it for? It's an online journal. I get that. But I don't write everything because then I might offend some of my readers...another question...Who Are My Readers? Anyone? Who the heck knows WHO reads their blog?

I think Laura reads it.
I think my husband reads it occasionally.
But who else?

Who do I share stuff about my life with?

And what should I be sharing?

Okay, sharing for the day...

I was pumping gas today at my local Irving station...looking at my surroundings, thinking that, just about, everyone in the world pumps gas. Even in the poorest countries they have gas stations. SO many people doing the same exact thing as me. SO many people that I will NEVER meet, never be close many lives. SO freakin' many people in the world. It overwhelms me sometimes.

I took Elvia and Jolee to see Lindy, our homeopath, today. I'm pretty sure Lindy does NOT read my blog. I do like her. Sometimes I wonder why the hell I pay so much money to someone who doles out little white pills and tries to "cure" my family of their afflictions...but then, again, I like her. So, I will try these new remedies and see what happens.

And tonight I go to a parent evening at Meka's school. I HOPE to discuss issues that are concerning me at the present time, but am not holding my breath that there will be time allowed for that. I am going out to dinner with some other parents beforehand and am looking forward to that.

I'll keep blogging...and hope that someday I'll figure out WHY!

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