Thursday, December 27, 2007

after Christmas cheer...

I stole this photo from my friend, Catherine's blog. We ran into her and her family at LLBean a few weeks ago. We always run into each other in very random, strange places...the movies, LLBean...what's next?

I must say, LL Bean has done a fantastic job in their new Hunt/Fish store. No, they are NOT paying me to say that, although, maybe they should....hmmmmmm.....with the millions that read my blog...I'm sure I'm increasing their sales SCADS!!!

They're here! They're here! Laura (my birthmother) and Bob (her husband) arrived from California today. Meka and I took the trek to Manchester NH to pick them up and then drove home through rain and snow. Meka is SO excited to have them here, especially her Grammy Laura! It's amazing to me that they maintain this close bond even though they are thousands of miles apart and see each other very rarely.

Elvia turned on her charm and won the hearts of Grammy and Grampy immediately! Jolee is still hanging back "checking them out" a bit.

We'll exchange Christmas gifts with them and then plan Meka's birthday party and then...BREATHE!

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