Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mid January Musings...

I haven't been too artistic lately. I've been enjoying the quiet of the afternoons by relaxing with my cat and dog. I used to spend so much time with them before the kids came along. Now they are afterthoughts most of the time. It makes me sad.

I'd like to ponder the word "judgment" for a minute. Why do we feel it our right to pass judgment on others? I discovered that someone had made a judgment about me and my parenting choices the other day. This is someone that loves me, supports me in so many other ways, but feels justified judging decisions I make about parenting. And not directly to me! That's the part that makes me angry. If you've got something to say, say it to me!

As a parent of three young children, I judge myself everyday. The LAST thing any mother needs is more judgment! We are so self critical already! Maybe a few more hugs and words of encouragement? Yes, that would be nice.

Luckily, my mother gave me lots of that the other day. Thank you, mom!

Those of you following the Jolee story...

We went to the immunologist the other day...the day of the big snowstorm. He's leaning toward a low IGA diagnosis, but we're doing a bunch more tests too. It wasn't overly informative, but did give us a bit more information. If all of the bowel issues ARE due to the low IGA levels, then there's basically nothing we can do. But ruling out every other possibility will be good.

All for now.

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  1. Blogging Newby10:33 PM

    I Love mid-winter..... when you have time for musing - and sharing your musings. I love that you find the time to put all those feelings into words and share them on your blog. I too love Maine winters - but for a very selfish reason.....
    Here's a BIG overdue hug!