Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Another flippin' snowday!!!

Okay, I know...I live in's supposed to snow...but this much??? I wish that I could go out in it and have fun...but it's hard to snowshoe or ski with two little ones. By the time they are in bed at night, I'm just too tired to think about physical exertion. I remember skiing with Meka when she was little. I'd go out at "the witching hour" (between 3:30 and whenever Donny got home). I'd put her in the backpack and ski, ski, ski. I looked into a "chariot" from LLBean, but to the tune of $800, I decided that it was just not necessary.

So, now I sit and look out at the snow. It's piling up outside my window and closing me in.

Only a month and I'll be basking in the sun in St. Martin...Thank GOD!!!

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  1. Anonymous11:50 PM

    Now you are sounding like the Leslie I know and love in February! Sorry about all your snow. Wish I could send you a "Sun day" instead.
    Hang in there. When you get back from warm, wonderful St. Martin you will be totally ready to take on... "Mud Season"!!!!