Friday, February 08, 2008

The snow is still's so incredibly beautiful outside. Jolee is snuggling with me in my lap. Meka is taking a much needed rest time in her room and Elvia is debating on getting up from her non-nap in her room. I'm listening to "smoky" jazz on recent "online radio" addiction.

I've made an art decision..

sounds big, doesn't it?

Not really. I'm going to focus on a letter and go crazy coming up with silly sayings for that letter. Princess Penelope started me off. Stay tuned for more P creations!!! I have a few fun I need to create art to go with them! I hope you enjoy Princess Penelope. I just love her!


  1. BloggingNewby2:01 PM

    I'm waiting for the post that says "Enough snow! It can stop now! It's _____ (April? May?) for crying out loud - the snow was supposed to end in March! I'm glad you are still enjoying it though. I'm sure that makes it easier to live in Maine. And also easier to look forward to "The Islands" next month! WooHoo!

  2. Leslie its about time you got a web page now alot more people can see your wonderful creations.I love the family photo.I am using it for my comp wall the pics of the girls too.Its me bobbie...:)