Thursday, February 07, 2008

Thursday already?

I cannot believe it! I informed a friend that I was posting almost daily...NOT! I thought I was! I guess that's what happens when life takes over.

My pondering for the day...actually, yesterday and the day before...

The point of a blog is to have others READ your stuff, right? But then you must CENSOR what you write...because you can't let EVERYONE know your stuff! Unless, of course, your mind is always on the straight and narrow...then you're all set.

My recent troubling thoughts contain stuff that I just cannot divulge. I let some people in on some things, but not everyone in on everything. That's normal, right? I read other people's blogs and can't help but wonder what really goes on in their minds! Are they all truly that happy and creative all of the time??? Do they every want to scream? Strangle their kids? Am I the only one?

I think not. But it goes back to that censoring issue. We must censor. That's the bottom line, I guess. So, censor I will!

Life is just grand. The girls are in their floral boutique dresses, playing fairy/princess make-believe and hugging and kissing one another frequently.

and if you believe that load of crap, you don't know me very well!!!

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  1. whew go Leslie. I think that you're right you have to censor. you nailed it on the head when you said "straight and narrow" the straight parts of our lives are very narrow.