Sunday, February 03, 2008

Superbowl Sunday

Will the Pats win? Do I really care? no. I do not. I view football as a silly game. Full grown men dress up in costumes and run up and down a field, attacking one another...and get paid MILLIONS of dollars to do so. Makes my skin crawl! What about our national debt? Can we use some of their salaries to pay that? Or, better yet, what about all of the starving children in our country, let alone the world? Abused kids? Kids with cancer?

Can we give the money to them???

No. We must keep paying these men to run up and down a field in their costumes.

Okay, enough ranting.

art? sure. here's some!
I did these Valentine ATC's last week. I had so much fun making them. The "fairest hippy" has glitter paint on it...that's why it looks so grainy.

On a more serious note...My mother-in-law had a heart attack last week. Come to find out, ti wasn't technically a heart attack, but it's the easiest way to describe it. Either that, or picture your heart experiencing a charlie horse. Ouch.

I finally felt it today. I was sitting in church, listening to Full Circle sing and just started crying. I suddenly realized that, between Donny being sick all week and his mother in the hospital, I was spent. Emotionally spent. I had not taken any time at all to just cry. I haven't allowed myself the time and space to just "be." It was so amazing to be surrounded by this beautiful music. I just let myself go and what I found was a weakened me. I have been taking care of so many people this week, this month, this year...that I haven't been taking care of me at all.

Back to Lorraine...she's fine. She's home now. She has to rest. What a huge scare. I have been feeling anger and frustration toward her since I learned that she doesn't approve of our decision to take a "kid-free" vacation this spring. It's just amazing how all of the crap we carry with us from day to day just melts away when faced with death. To see her so vulnerable, so see Donny so scared and so sad...perspective is what I gained. I love her dearly and am so thankful that she is well.

And now I will sign off for the night.


  1. Love your ATC's!! TFS. Glad to hear your MIL is going to be ok.

  2. BloggingNewby8:39 AM

    Man! You really do dislike football. I would venture to say that you might have similar strong feelings about professional sports in general, huh? Golfers who get paid millions to chase a little white ball all around the park? Really tall guys who sweat a lot and run up and down a court trying to sink a basketball in a hoop? Oh and hockey players - grown men in 'costumes' who skate around and try to hurt each other. But sports have been around forever, and I would venture to say there have always been "professionals" who get paid well for what they do. As far back as the Greeks and Romans - supposedly civilized folks - these guys were getting 'special treatment' while others suffered. It is human nature. Maybe it is not right, but a lot of what we do as civilized human beings is not 'right'.
    Oh.... the Giants beat the Patriots yesterday.... in case you missed the results of the game!
    I love your Valentines!
    And I am sorry about Lorraine. All of the 'stuff' that is going on with you and her right now. You are right to realize that life is tenuous at best and can change in an instant. Forget the petty insignificant stuff and hold on tightly to the love she brings to your family because in the end, that is what you will remember most.