Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I must apologize to my daughter for my last post...sorry Meka, I just kinda lost it!

I am in the throws of gluten-free/casein-free cooking. I have decided to do a "test" for the children...for Jolee's diarrhea and developmental delays and for Meka's attention deficit issues. I have an aching feeling that this is the answer for our family. It's so overwhelming. A huge undertaking...but if it works, I'll be so relieved.

I have found so many amazing blogs on gluten-free cooking. My biggest issues are breakfast and lunch. I usually have no trouble figuring out gluten-free dinners...even rice pasta makes those rushed dinners easy to figure out! It's the dairy AND gluten that get me into macaroni and cheese, no grilled get the idea.

So here's the schedule for the day:
Shower and get dressed (the showering part has been overlooked for too many days...)
Take all of the gluten-laden snacks from the bottom shelves and put them on the top shelves of the pantry
Make a meal plan for the week, breakfasts, lunches and dinners...snacks too!
Go to Morning Glory (the local health food store) to get the ingredients needed for above meal plan
Pick up Jolee from school
Call about neuropsych testing for Meka
Make dinner
Go to nutrition talk at Merriconeag tonight

Wow. That's a lot.


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