Sunday, April 13, 2008


Okay, Meka is driving me absolutely CRAZY!!! She has a homework assignment that is SO freakin' easy!!! And she's procrastinating and driving me nuts!!!

Friday night I had a few neighbor friends over to end the week...we had a lovely time eating, drinking and chatting. I'm so very fortunate to have good neighbors!

And the reason I needed an "end of the week pick-me-up" was because of more POOPING episodes:

Jolee does incredibly well all morning: we go for a walk on the bike path, she has NO accidents. We get home, get ready to go to pick up Meka and she wants a diaper on. Okay.

On the way to school, she has a HUGE explosion and manages to get poop on EVERY stitch of clothing...pants, shirt, jacket...but manages to leave her panties unscathed (she insisted on wearing panties OVER her diaper). I change her in the parking lot...poop everywhere.

Okay. Done.

Driving to Hannaford...needed to get groceries. I look back and Jolee says, "pee mommy." "NO! Wait...we're almost there!!!" I hear gurgling...

I change a HUGE mess of diarrhea in the Hannaford parking lot...this time it's in panties and I have NO clothing for her. Luckily, Meka's friend had a I put that on her and proceeded to do my shopping.

I bought diapers and put one on her when we were through the grocery store.

Get home.

"Mommy," Meka yelled, "Jolee pooped again!"


more diarrhea...

the vodka drinks went over quite well that night!

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