Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sunny Day...

What a great day! Someone said it got up to 69 degrees! Nice, round number!!!

I basked in the sun today! I had a blast working on a rock wall. We have this patio project that we started last year that has turned into quite a monumental task! I am designing some curved, rock steps now that will lead down to our "dinner patio." It also might turn into a pond or a hot tub...depends on the day.

I took Meka to horseback riding which is always a blast. I had fun talking to the other mothers that were there. Talking to one who has a teenager in public school made me very thankful that Meka is at Merriconeag. I know, it's a bubble, but a healthy bubble nonetheless.

Nothing artsy today, unless you count the rock wall. I did do a "hope" project was supposed to be a submission for Somerset Studio..but I missed the deadline. I will take photos and post it tomorrow.

The waiting is just awful, isn't it???

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