Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Spring is coming

Thank goodness! MORE snow melted today. I am quite excited to be able to go outside without winter coats, hats, mittens, boots...only to turn around and come back in all too quickly to the tune of "I'm FREEZING!" Ahhhhh...the many blessings of spring!

I just finished looking at a few blogs and am feeling quite useless. I hate it when I start feeling this way. I know, I know...three small children, house, husband...blah, blah, blah...and not a creative bone in my body these days. I was so inspired when I was on vacation...trying really hard to believe in myself and my creative genius and it's gone again! I have NO time to create except at night and, by that time, I'm exhausted! I know...I'll have my time...but I'm so frustrated NOW! I look at my friends doing their art and pine for that time. That inspiration. That mind that used to be MINE!

I did manage to pull off a terrific surprise party for Don Juan last Friday. It was nice to provide him with an evening of happiness. He was truly happy. I had people come dressed as Donny and, for those who forgot, I provided some of Donny's old t-shirts. It was a blast.

Last weekend I attended the Merriconeag annual tuition assistance auction. The theme was "Rudolph's Diner" and I dressed in my mother's 50's attire. The only thing that was missing was the cat-eye glasses, so I dug into that creative me and whipped out a pair! I just cut some black paper, adorned it with jewels and used glue dots to attach it to my glasses. Not bad, eh? The auction was a lot of fun and we managed to raise $30,000 to boot!

Last week Jolee got a hold of scissors and did a number on her hair. We ended up "fixing" it at the WORST hairdresser in town...actually, in Yarmouth. I was HORRIFIED at how badly she cut it. And, dumb me, let her cut Meka's hair too! Luckily, it grows!

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  1. So glad you found me! How was St. Martin's? I love seeing the pictures on your blog. Isn't it a rite of childhood to cut one's hair? Now, it's done with, right?