Monday, April 21, 2008

Poop Chronicles Part XVII

Ah, yes, "just another manic Monday..." filled with laughter, love, sunshine and, my favorite, POOP!

I invited my good friend, Bean, over with her children today. When they arrived, I was putting together a gluten-free chocolate cake for dessert, either after lunch or dinner.

I had already scooped one ROLL of toilet paper out of the toilet and into a trash can. I guess I'm lucky that Jolee didn't try to flush it before I got to it, right?

Bean and I were chatting and Jolee was standing in between us, squats down and PEES into her snack dish. I must admit, she had damn good aim. But her snack dish? Come on!

"No, Jolee. We pee on the POTTY, not in small bowls!"

A little while later we are sitting on the front steps trying to finish up bits of about 100 started conversations..."Mommy, I go potty in the woods!" "Okay, Jolee, you can PEE in the woods, but please POOP inside." "Okay, mommy!"

The next thing I know, she and Elvia are having an intense discussion about poop beside us near the hose. "Jolee, did you poop?" "Yes, in the woods!" I go to pick her up and Elvia starts freaking out, pointing to the Eeyore bubble machine they were just playing with, "Poop! Poop! Momma, Poop!!!" I'm carrying Jolee inside, her butt quite dirty from god-knows-what she tried to wipe herself with in the "woods." Yes, indeed, there is a small pile of poop beside Eeyore. Some even on him.

Have I mentioned that Jolee gets strange diseases? Hmmmm..wonder why!

I cleaned her up and off she went, with panties on, but otherwise, naked.

I then proceed to hose off the poop from the driveway. Can you believe Bean stayed even longer? She IS a good friend!

Oh this child! She is a piece of work, that is for sure!!!

Oh, the chocolate cake was eaten for LUNCH dessert and was absolutely YUMMY! I got the recipe on the back of one of the baking mixes I bought and it tasted like any moist, yummy chocolate cake I've ever had. Yippee!!! I did do a bozo move though. I was so excited that I had a sugar shaker that I just "shook" the "sugar" onto the cake. I took one bite and remembered that there is WHITE GLUTEN-LADEN FLOUR in the shaker, NOT sugar!!! Oops!!!

And for dinner tonight...barbeque chicken, 3-bean salad and CFGF cornbread, again, recipe from the back of the Pamela's Baking Mix bag. I DO love the mixes!!!

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