Tuesday, April 22, 2008

NO poop.

Can you believe it? There's no new installation in the poop chronicles! I'm sure (uh-em) some of you are relieved! Finally, a post from Leslie with NO horrid stories of bowel movements!!!

Oh, of course, there's the story about Jolee sneaking UNDER the electric fence at the barn today and having a horse nip at her finger and then rear up on her...that was a bit scary. Gets the ole' adrenalin pumping, that's for sure!

Not much else exciting happened today. I did take Jolee for her 4-year old check-up. She got one shot, her hand x-ray'd and she peed in a cup. They x-ray'd her to see about bone growth. Seems she has gained weight but has not grown any taller in quite some time. They are ruling out protein "leaks" with the pee test. The doctor was very relieved to hear that we are going to see a geneticist.

More doctors.

But Jolee was happy because no one took BLOOD from her arm today! Just a shot, which is like CAKE to her!

Speaking of cake...
We had a delightful, gluten/casein free dinner:
teriyaki salmon
oriental celery root salad (from Nourishing Traditions cookbook...VERY yummy!!!)
roasted asparagus w/olive oil and garlic and sea salt
leftover rice pilaf (again, from Nourishing Traditions cookbook)
fun, fizzy drinks for the kids:
cranberry juice, club soda and lime!
add vodka, and mommy has a fun beverage too!

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