Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Artful Navy Knowledge

Okay, so I have been totally open-jawed "oh-my-gosh" about the Navy and everything I've learned about the "inner workings." My neighbor is an officer in the Navy and his wife and I have become friends. She has commissioned me to make some art for two dear "cows" (Commanding Officer's Wife) in her life.

Donny asked me to explain the artwork one evening and I just had to say "no." I couldn't muster the energy to explain the whole thing...but I'll try:

One of the squadrons' logo is the "old buzzard." I designed the artwork using their logo and "changed it up" a bit by turning "him" into a female cow. I then added "stuff:" the red stripes are actually paper towels that I had used to clean up my children's art project months ago. The words are the "Navy Wife's prayer" which I got from my neighbor. The wooden letters signify the date of the husband's change of command. The rest is rather hum-drum...embossed stars, metal stars on the bottom...but it was definitely something new for me!

The second piece was using another squadrons' logo, the fighting tiger. I changed him up and made him into a cow as well! I, artistically, like this one better, but feel that the other one is much more in keeping with the patriotic, Navy theme. Oh inner voice came out and called and I HAD to listen!

I did a lot of painting, which I love doing, in this one. The tree has the Navy Wife's prayer written on it and the wooden letters, again, signify the date of the change of command. The sky has embossed "8's" signifying the squadron number...VP-8. Now I just need to find a frame for this one!

I must thank Mary...she inspired me to be artistic again after a bit of a slump. And with summer in full swing, the garden has been stealing a lot of my creativity away!

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  1. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Ah Ha! Very interesting stuff. Thank you for explaining it - not that I didn't like it for just what it was. But the explanation added a lot to why you did what you did. Like udders on a tiger and a buzzard face on the female cow. I like the way you managed to incorporate the Navy Wife's Prayer into both of them. Obviously you haven't given them to her yet, but you will have to let me know the commander's wife's reaction when you do!