Saturday, August 16, 2008

Nature is beautiful...and CREEPY!

I found these lovely creatures eating my tomatoes...Tomato Hornworms they are called and they can destroy a plant in a matter of minutes...and they can get to be HUGE as you can see by the comparison photo with my thumb.

We took them to our "egg man's" chickens down the road. They loved them!

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  1. Anonymous5:58 PM I can really relate! I remember years ago, in our very first house, we had planted a small garden alongside the sunniest wall. I was so proud of my tomatoes. Something was actually GROWING! Anyway, one night it was sooooo hot, we couldn't sleep, and we were laying there with the windows wide open hoping for a breeze. I heard this strange 'crunching' noise, definitely something chewing, but there wasn't anything outside - like a rat or a mouse or ??? The next day I went out to check on my prize tomatoes - only to find the leaves chewed to bits and those @#$% hornworms, fat and sassy, hanging out on the branches. GRRRRR! If they weren't so dang interesting to look at......