Thursday, January 08, 2009

getting better all the time...

I feel badly that I don't have new photos to post with each entry. I have all I can do to do new entries!

Today started out pretty interesting...Jolee peed her pants, then, as I was attempting to shower, Elvia came up and stated, "Momma, JoJo pooped on the floor! Come Quick!!!"

Needless to say, I had quite a treat waiting for me on the bathroom floor when I got downstairs.
Good points:
1. It was NOT on carpet
2. It WAS in the bathroom
3. I have NO problem throwing underwear away

I then got the kids set up with the developmental therapist and the speech therapist and then went off to the hospital to get my chest x-rays.

As I was in the waiting room, I started to experience excruciating pain in my left chest/lung. I made it through the x-ray, the technician only could say, "wow, it must be scary to not be able to breathe and to be in such pain." Yes, scary.

So, I proceeded to the hospital entrance and called my doctor. They expedited the reading of the x-ray films to be sure nothing was amiss. Of course, I was sobbing on the phone as I was talking to them. I was just so frustrated, alone and worried. I had NO idea what was wrong with me. I guessed it was nothing major, but I'm not used to being in pain and not knowing why.

They asked me to stay at the hospital until they could read the x-rays...I did and a 1/2 hour later they told me I could go home, that the x-rays were clear. They also asked me to come into the office to see the doctor at 1:30.

Oh, did I mention that I had the worst case of diarrhea while I was waiting for them to return my call??? And I was paranoid that my cell phone wouldn't get reception in the bathroom. What luck!!! The phone worked! Thank God!!!

I came home, got the girls down for a nap, and my ANGEL of a neighbor, Mary, came over to stay with the girls.

Then I went BACK to the doctor. She told me that my lungs are clear (thank goodness) and that I may have bruised my ribs from coughing so much. Crazy.

So, I have decided that from here on in, I am NOT sick. I am getting better, continuing to take care of myself finding positivity everywhere I can!

and the fact that my sister is doing's wonderful. I'm so glad for her and my dad. I just need to get well enough so that I can go down and give her a hug.

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