Saturday, May 23, 2009

Somerset Studio!!!

I have been published!!! Finally, I submitted artwork to Somerset Studio magazine and they published photos of my work! I am so elated!!!

And in non-art-related news...

My dad's house is just about ready. My brother needs to come install some lights and then I think we're set to go. I accomplished MOST of what I wanted to...with the help from some very devoted friends and family...and the house looks great.

Here are some recent pics of Caitlin during her going away party with her rehab staff.

I cannot believe she's coming home on Tuesday. It's been 6 months. So much has happened and will continue to happen. I'm concerned about so many things...but realize that worrying does not serve anyone, especially me! I just have to stay focused right here on my own little family and make sure that my girls are getting their needs met. It would be very easy for me to get very consumed with Caitlin and dad and loose site of what's going on RIGHT HERE in front of me.

And what's going on right in front of me is huge. School issues are weighing heavily on my soul. I'm sure that we will be making the right choice...but my heart aches...I love the Waldorf school...I wish I had just a small trust fund!

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