Monday, September 14, 2009


Wow. I cannot believe it. I'm alone in my house! I have not been alone in my house (without paying dearly for it) in a very long time. No guilt. Not putting anyone out. Not paying for a babysitter. All of the girls are happy, safe...and I'm alone!

I'm supposed to be working. This is work, right? Updating my blog? That's important, right?

I have lots of photos to share...not much art, but photos of the fun things that have transpired since the last time I wrote!

Thank you all for the encouraging words about the show in Kennebunk. It was a HUGE success! Hannah and I had a blast! Even if our tent wasn't on the highest position and people had to duck to get was more "homey!"

Ikea was a BLAST! I cannot remember a time that I have had so much fun! I kept waiting for something bad to happen...everything was SO good that it had to turn bad, right? NOPE! It was all good! Donny didn't even yell at me for spending LOTS of money at Ikea! Made fun of me, yes, but yell? NO!

The silliest thing about our trip to Ikea was the trip home. Hannah's car seats 2 passengers in the front. As you can see from the photos, there was NO way any of us could fit in the back! I rode on the console (albeit illegally) all the way home! For those of you who are unfamiliar with just how far away Ikea's in Stoughton, MA...about a 3 hour drive! My butt was a bit sore...

We celebrated Elvia's 4th birthday on Monday, Labor Day. She was SO excited about her party! Some of her favorite people came to celebrate. I made her a "pink" cake (she really didn't like the cake, just loved that it was pink!) and she got lots of make-up. Can you tell she likes eyeshadow?

Jolee gave her a cute little PINK cupcake purse...they shared a lovely hug for that one!

This past weekend Barry (my biological father) and his partner, Jutta, came for a visit. Barry is just so lovely with our girls. He does just about anything they want him to...including JUMPING on the trampoline! They love having them visit...this time Grampa let the girls play games on his iPhone, which was a huge hit!

Jutta gave us a breadmaking must have been good because most of the bread is gone!!!

And last but certainly NOT least...Donny and I celebrated our 16 wedding anniversary on Friday. I know...9/ of terror...but for us, it was and is a day to celebrate. We have gone through SO much in 16 years...some really great...some REALLY hard...a lot of trying stuff...and we've made it thus far! These are the lovely flowers he brought home for me...

And now it's Monday. I'm going to get inspired...I know I will...just had to make sure to tell the world about my life...strange, huh?

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