Thursday, September 03, 2009

working, working, working...

I'm trying to get ready for a craft fair in Kennebunk this Saturday...I have managed to complete SOME projects!

This week has been a huge one, emotionally. Meka and Jolee started Public School on Monday. Huge. We have been sending them to a Waldorf school for 5 years...well, Meka anyway...and this transition has been so draining for us.

The amazing news is that we are all doing great. Meka and Jolee, especially. They are both happy. Meka has been having FUN at school...a new experience for her. I'm so relieved. So thankful that we went through the agonizing process of making this important decision. So happy that my girls are happy and safe and being well cared for.

The three things I love about public school:
1. the multiple trips to Freeport anymore! Walk to the bus stop in my jammies with my coffee...the bus ROCKS!
2. hot lunch...what to pack for lunch day after day after day is GONE!!! My kids are eating well balanced meals...veggies AND fruit each day! It's OKAY that it's not all organic...
3. peace of mind...there are such kind souls at Williams Cone School. I am so thankful...feel so blessed that my girls are being held so warmly...

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  1. What would a day be without my squeezy hugs from across the hall??? Love having them at school. :)