Monday, November 09, 2009

Art, Felt and FUN!

Photos from the FIRST Beattie Chicks Class!!!

Julie and I discussing the tree construction...

All of the chicks...hard at work on their mirrors!

Hannah offering her expert advice to Alicia.

I have been suffering from my crafters adhd like crazy! My studio is a complete disaster...painting projects here, sewing projects there and glue, beads and jewelry everywhere! But I love it. I do not love the disarray, but love the creative process.

Now, where did I put that project I started last week? hmmmm...

I have neglected to update my blog because I have been working so darned hard on Beattie Chicks stuff! I have been having so much fun, but have been spending a lot of time an energy sending emails and making projects. It was so nice to get positive feedback after our first class. A big "phew!" could be heard for miles!

And the craft fairs...yikes. With my crafters adhd comes my lack of focus on one particular project. I'm trying so hard to finish things that I start but then get excited about trying a new technique or an entire new craft...and I get a little crazy!

But, Meka and I are getting out of town for the rest of the week starting tomorrow! We are spending time with our neighbors that moved to Florida at the beginning of the summer. Meka misses Grace and I miss Mary like crazy and we are SO looking forward to spending girl time together! Mary's husband and sons will be gone so it will really be girl time!!!

On a personal note, I have been enjoying my life so much these days. The weather outside is so nice. I love going outside and enjoying the sunshine and having the chickens all run to me. I know in my head that they only want food, but my heart reminds me that they DO love me! The kids have all been so great...I've been enjoying watching them grow and change. School is going so well for all of them. It's such a blessing to know that they are all happy while they are away at school. Donny has been so kind to me lately...supporting and encouraging the many balls that I have up in the air. He has made it possible for Meka and I to travel to Florida with no guilt and no stress. It is truly a gift he has given me.

I'm working on the guilt. It's such a big part of my existence. I'm starting to realize that I make a lot of it up...that I project guilt in every aspect of my life. Silly. So I'm trying to toss it aside and let it know that there is no space in my life for it.

The most exciting thing I've done lately is go dancing! I was invited to hang out with Hannah's Mountain Road Mamas the other night. We went to Knight's of Columbus and saw Motor Booty Affair. I just love dancing. I danced my booty off all night long. I came to the wonderful realization that, now that I'm, um, more mature, I dance to dance. I don't care if anyone is watching. I don't care what I look like or what people are saying about me. I am having fun and that's all that matters.

I hope your day is filled with sunshine, both inside of you and outside of you.

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