Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year

I hesitate to post anything without posting a photograph...but if I do that, I'll never post again! I have this new computer and all of my "stuff" hasn't been transferred over yet. It's driving me a little batty. I have not received the appropriate amount of patience in my life yet.

We had the most wonderful holiday "season" this year. I'm certain that the planets were aligned just perfectly. Christmas was a relaxing, not-so-stressful day for us all. Not usually the case for me. Holidays, in general, bring up so much stuff for me and it's hard to just "be" when the day arrives.

But this year was different. Mom was here and she was in good spirits. The kids were happy, excited, enthralled with their gifts...and seemed grateful. Phew! We're doing something right!

New Year's Eve was a great time as well. We gathered with a diverse group of people and had a wonderful time. There were a lot of young children here and everyone got along splendidly. Good food, good friends and a very good time. Donny and I managed to clean up the house before midnight and, more surprisingly, actually welcomed in the New Year together! This was the first in a LONG time!

Meka's 10th birthday was yesterday. We had a snowstorm so not all of the family came, but the ones who did make it made it a great celebration. We have a tradition of going bowling together. Mike and Lindsey came and made it even more special. They are truly part of our family and we love them dearly.

Back to reality on Monday. I'm hoping that school is NOT's time for a little distance between me and the kids...we've been together pretty much non-stop for two full weeks! I love them, but need a little bit of a break!

And...back to art. I have not done any art, nothing creative for weeks....I'm looking forward to getting back into Beattie Chicks and starting off a great new year with great women.

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