Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Hump Day Musings...

Does anyone still call it hump day? How about Prince Spaghetti day?

It's just Wednesday.

I have started my day quite up early, (which I have been doing all week...kind of a New Year's Resolution), made pumpkin pancakes for the girls, got everyone off to school on time and then went for a nice, long walk with Gracy. I listened to my book on ipod (can't really call them books on tape anymore, can we?) which was GREAT! (No tempo to try to stay with and was so into my "book" that I didn't notice the time.) Got home and stretched A LOT! My hips are just killing me these days...damn periformis (sp?) muscles!

And then came the frustrating part of my day so work! I love being creative and having my Beattie Chicks business. I do NOT like tax time. I get so stressed out! And to think I considered becoming an accountant long ago...

And then I tracked my Weight Watchers points so far today. Yes, I have caved and am doing weight watchers. Once I hit 30, it just became harder and harder to lose the I'm at an all time high and, emotionally, at an all time LOW about my weight. Time to deal with it. Hence the Weight Watchers and walking. Anywho...the points SUCK! I just about reached my maximum for the day and it's only noon!!! arghghg!!!!!

Oh well...the day will move along. The silence is wonderful...just Gracy, Jerry, the chickens and me. I love solitude!

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