Monday, December 06, 2010


Two years Two years ago I was enjoying a weekend getaway with my dear friend, Denise  and got the call that Caitlin had been in an accident. I remember thinking "oh, it's just another one of Caitlin's shananigans...she'll be fine..." and then finding out the specifics of the accident.

It's Caitlin's 20th birthday today. She called and is not really doing much for her birthday. "It always snows on my birthday," she said. I said, "I'm just glad you're home and safe this year rather than where you were two years ago."

It is amazing how far we've all come. I remember that time of my life as complete my car, planning my next trip to Boston, trying to take care of everyone...everyone except myself. I remember Caitlin hanging on...within inches of her life for months...not knowing what life had in store for her...

And to look at us all much has changed. So many good things have come, some not so good...but, the most important thing for me is that Caitlin is alive and is doing better than she may have every done if not for her horrific accident.

Me? I'm able to set much better boundaries for myself and my family. I am much more able to choose things for myself that are good for me and my family rather than what is good for others. It's very interesting how easy it is to care for others and not for yourself.

With Christmas approaching, I think back...think back two years ago when Christmas was just another day. Christmas will be just another day this year, but another wonderful day. Another day to celebrate life and all it has to offer, all that is has given. A day to be with people I care about and love deeply. Another day to be thankful that I'm alive.

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