Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Journal Prompt...Knowledge

I am teaching an upcoming Art Journaling class for Idyllworks of Maine and have been trying to get some new inspiration for my classes. I'm playing with the vision of words creating more than just a definition in our heads...they convey a picture. When I say "lemon," you see a lemon in your mind, right?

So what happens when I say "change?" What picture do you then see in your head? What other words come to mind? What feelings does it bring to your body? Where do you feel it?

This is what I came up with and how it came to be...
I began with a tissue pattern as my background. I played around acrylics using greens and blues and yellows until I had something that seemed good. I then made house and roof shapes out of paper and corrogated paper.  At this point, I was asking myself, "Change? really? What do houses have to do with you and change? You've lived in the same house for 20 years! What's up with the houses?" But I LOVE houses, I love their houses it became. I'm not sure why black clouds came into the scene, but I loved the paper and decided to go for it.
And then came words. I used sticker words and decided to hand letter as well. I am always looking for a foolproof (and smudge proof) method of shadowing and decided to try out pan pastels and a thin paint marking tool. Nope. I went back to charcoal.
I requested these AMAZING acrylic paint pens from Liquitex for Christmas and was the lucky one that Santa listened to! I used the white for lettering...I don't love it as much as brush lettering, but I wanted to try it out.
Next came a space to journal. I was suddenly thrust back to my scrapbooking days and realized that art journaling has become the new scrapbooking for me. My family suffers, however, because I'm not adding photos of them!
And that sums it up. I'd love to see what YOU come up with when you reach into the depths of your creative self and ponder the word "change..."


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