Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Must make, work, work...

This is my mantra these you can see, my workshop is getting filled up!earring cards filling up

my messy production area

I've managed to crank out 50 pairs of earrings and the "legs" to my felted angels. I also threw in some fun collage on a mirror...we'll see how that goes over at the craft shows!

Oh, did I mention I've agreed to do two this fall? Crazy woman. That's me!

Let's survived today. I suddenly realized that I'm very glad I'm not a single parent. I do think that I would send my kids to public school or live MUCH closer to Merriconeag...driving to Freeport twice a day is NOT my idea of a good use of time!

Okay, I'm going to try to simplify my postings. Lists.
10 Things I did today (out of the ordinary realm of my life...see, it's tricky!) therapist would have a field day with this one! I can hear her now, "Leslie, you are always wanting to accomplish things. You feel the need to produce all of the time." I know, I know...
  1. Visited with a friend in Yarmouth
  2. Spent some time looking for fun children's books at the library
  3. Took a nap with Elvia (she usually sleeps in her crib)
  4. Took care of banking crap immediately rather than waiting a month like I usually do
  5. Made some yummy chicken soup and BISCUITS for dinner! They actually ROSE!!! No hockey pucks tonight!!!
  6. Managed to keep the woodstove going all day despite me not putting wood on before I left at 8am this morning!
  7. Had "family reading time" on the couch (instead of bedtime reading in bed)
  8. Let Jolee and Meka sleep in my bed
  9. Oh! I almost forgot! I "organized" my freezer! I know, scintillating, isn't it??? I had all of this blackberry puree in ice cube trays that needed to be put in baggies and stuff that was frozen and needed to be sealed. Phew! A big job done!
  10. Relaxed on the couch and read my newest library book, I Was a Great Mother Before I Had Kids (it's close...not sure of the exact title)

and number 10 is "pending" so I have to end this and get on it!

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