Monday, December 01, 2008

Felting Fun!

And recycling all at the same time! I went to my local Goodwill and absconded with some lovely wool sweaters and rushed home to shrink them! I then cut them up, sewed them back together and embellished them to make these delightful little pouches. I was a bit obsessed for a few days...many of you know about my obsessions...they are VERY intense and VERY short-lived! Here it is December and I'm movin' on to my next obsession...

oh, I haven't discovered it yet! Just give me a minute...

And shall we discuss the fact that it's December? So much for my regular posts...oh well!

Today's 10 things I don't do all of the time...but did today:
10. Let Meka stay home from school even though she wasn't too sick
9. Gave a craft project to Meka that I had visions for...and did NOT intervene and make it what I wanted it to be!
8. Took care of my leftover turkey before it went rotten in the fridge
7. Gave Meka LOTS of chores once Jolee came home and, in turn, my life was relatively quiet before dinner. Miracle. Meka prepared the apples for applesauce, helped prepare dinner, washed the dishes and then processed the applesauce once it was cooked. Jolee spent the entire time "painting"...wooden stars and herself!
6. Put Elvia's hair into cute-as-a-button pigtails and DID NOT get upset when she took them out.
5. Backed out of a church committment so that I could do some self-care this weekend
4. Advocated for myself to go away for the weekend with my dear friend, Denise
3. Convinced myself that I deserve to go away and that my family will survive...probably even thrive...without me!
2. Cleaned my art space and enjoyed the cleanliness!
probably the best one...
1. with the help of Hannah, realized that my sister's birthday is coming up and I need to stick to my "non-materialism" all around...not just when it's convenient. I was going to send her a card with $10...big whoop...but instead decided to make her the cookies that her mother used to make each year at Christmas. Much more thoughtful then $10 and much better all around.

and with that, I am going to bed to read one of my new books that I got at the library!


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