Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Collage Gifts for Gina...

Finally! I was able to photograph art and actually post it! One of the problems was that my battery died in my camera...I mean, died...died...I had to order another one online and it hasn't arrived yet. I must say, I didn't realize how well my camera works until I had to use another one!

I had fun making the collages for Gina. She's one of my dearest friends and I wanted to make her girls something special. She seemed to like them!

I'm trying to clean up some of my unfinished projects. Now that I'm done with my taxes I have the mental space to fill with fun stuff. I still have to finish my resume...I'll get to that NEXT week!

These days I'm pondering turning 40...I'm sure there's a poem inside of me somewhere...I'll get to it. I'm just wallowing in self pity right now. I'm not sure how to explain it other than life is just not what I imagined it would be when I turned 40. I have a great life, don't get me's just not what I imagined oh-so-long-ago...

I did manage to get a pep talk from my lovely bookclub friends last night. They are all so wise and loving. It's like having 5 mothers! I feel so blessed to have them in my life!

Today it's off to horseback riding and then trying to figure out what to do with the rest of our sunny winter day.

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